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February 2012
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pull-ups and dip


Yesterday was your average Monday. Staying up cheering on my Giants the night before made my Monday morning tough. No hangover, but maybe a bit of a food coma. ;)

I kick off my workweek with back to back meetings every Monday 8:30 – 10am (and mugs of coffee!). By the end of my Mondays I’m almost always wiped out. Yesterday was no exception. I was hungry by the time 5pm rolled around, a headache was brewing, and I was tired.

The things that happened next I’m not extremely proud of, but I’m sharing it with you because I’m all about keeping it real.

I came home.

I sat on the couch.

And I mindlessly ate chip after chip and almost all of the leftover spinach and artichoke dip (at least it’s full of spinach!).

My workout calendar had me scheduled to run 4 miles, but instead I talked myself into a rest day and justified it with the fact that I hadn’t taken a day off since January 24th.

Rest is a-ok people! I can’t always be so hard on myself…

But my idea of rest is somewhat delusional. ;) I then proceeded to do my pull-up challenge with Hammer. I mean no running or biking equals rest, right?

Week 1 – Day 2: 5 sets total – 1:30 minutes rest between each set

  • set 1: 2 pull-ups
  • set 2: 2
  • set 3: 1
  • set 4: 2
  • set 5: 3

This wasn’t too bad. My very last pull-up was hard, but I was still able to do it without any assistance!

Afterwards, we whipped up dinner and I let myself get wrapped up in this week’s episode of The Bachelor! More drama!


Speaking of THE dip… it’s so good guys, pretty simple to make, and no dairy at all! Perfect for me!

Spinach Artichoke and Cheeze Dip

I got the recipe from here and followed it almost exactly except we had regular mayo on hand – so my version can’t be considered vegan. Vegan – I am not, clearly!

(The artichoke hearts are hiding behind the garlic jar)

Check out that green color!

Next time you need an appetizer, try this out, even if you can eat dairy. It’s just so good because it’s full of veggies and filling but not in the sicky, I’m going to die and need to unbutton my pants kind of way! If that doesn’t sell this recipe I don’t know what will! ;)


Ok, now I gotta get off the couch and run! Can’t have 2 rest days in a row!

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