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October 2011
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Beef – it’s what’s for lunch!


Yesterday was a day of good food (and work and working out). On the menu for lunch was our take on a French Dip. French dips are one of my favorite meals to order out. I don’t know what it is, but give me beef and au jus to dip it in and I’m a happy camper!

I found a recipe on Pinterest for DIY French Dips using the crock pot and I LOVE the crock pot (it’s just so easy!) I suggested to Bryan that we do this for our lunches, we got the ingredients and dumped everything into the crock pot Saturday night.

Here’s the original recipe I found online, but we altered it to make it a bit more to our liking.

Jenn and Hammer’s French Dips - 10 servings

  • 4 pound chuck roast  (we got a shoulder cut at BJ’s)
  • 1 container of Wegman’s beef broth (only use 21 oz of the container)
  • 1 packet of dried french onion soup mix (we tried to find a mix that had the least amount of scary ingredients)
  • 1 bottle (12 oz) of Brooklyn Oktoberfest beer
  • 8-10 organic russet potatoes
  • 2 bags of frozen peppers and onions


  • Beef: Place your beef in the crockpot, pour the broth, empty the packet of french onion soup and pour your beer over top of the meat. Place the cover on your crock pot and cook on low heat for 8 hours (or overnight). In the morning, remove the beef from the crock pot and shred with a fork. Return the meat back into the jus, stir to flavor all the meat.
  • Potatoes: Wash and scrub your potatoes, pierce with a fork, rub the skins with olive oil and bake in the oven for 60-75 minutes at 350 degrees (this time will vary depending on # of potatoes).
  • Veggies: Steam frozen veggies in a microwave-safe container for 6-8 minutes in the microwave on high and set aside.
  • Assemble: Split 1 baked potato and top with shredded beef, steamed veggies and au jus to enjoy.

We obviously didn’t want to have our french dips served in a white roll (us and gluten aren’t true friends!) so we served ours over a baked potato. And we like to get a dose a veggies at each meal so that’s why we added the peppers and onions even though they aren’t traditionally served on a french dip. This was a delicious lunch!

A couple other good eats yesterday afternoon involved a fresh organic honey crisp apple, baby carrots, and a pumpkin muffin before I headed to the gym. The muffin recipe is coming tomorrow, I promise. And you don’t want to miss it – these are so good!

Last nights work out was an exact duplicate of Jillian Michael’s Day 1 – you can find that here. We did each circuit twice before moving on and used 10# weights for everything except the lateral raises. I’m a weakling when it comes to those.

And for dinner, delicious baked salmon, roasted brussels sprouts and quinoa. This may come as a shocker to everyone, but I couldn’t clean my plate last night. I must be sick! :)

I slept like a rock last night thanks to the hard workout and the good food in my belly. I’m up and raring to go today. Bring it on!


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